5 Tips to Exploit Instagram in Your Business Plan – Buy Instagram Comments

Instagram represents an important opportunity to make your business known and connect with your customers. Susan Buckenr Rose, Director of Product Marketing at Instagram, shares some tips to maximize the opportunities of this buy instagram comments.

Instagram ceased to be the network of beautiful photos and was transformed, with the rapidity with which technology platforms evolve, in an assembly that fits stories, experiences, celebrities, pleasures and, of course, business.

The network works today as a slot in the door to spy on the Kardashian, to envy Neymar and fill the eye of celebrities but it is also the new stage for brands -great or small-, attract, creativity through, to new customers.

“We try to understand the behavior of the consumer to create value: we analyze the solutions, the actions of the users and, through the platform, we obtain the best value for consumers and businesses, ” says Susan Buckenr Rose, Marketing Director of Product of the platform.

Buckenr Rose called the media to chat about the impact that Instagram currently has on business units.

From the Virreyes Tower, one of the most modern buildings in the country, the brand quickly reflects the modernization exuded by technological platforms: colorful offices, rest areas, state-of-the-art televisions connected to videogames, avant-garde interior design and omnipresent connectivity.

Instagram has grown over the last two years like no other social network: from the end of 2016 to the end of 2018, it added close to 100 million users and reached 800 million accounts worldwide.

“Mexico is the second largest community in Latin America, just behind Brazil, and Spanish is the second most used language within the platform,” summarizes Buckenr Rose.

The great thrust of this exponential growth finds its most logical explanation in the introduction of the tool known as Stories, which came to Instagram in 2015.

To date, the directive ensures that Stories has 300 million users.

“Instagram offers the possibility to connect users and companies through passions. They can be trips, wines, meals … there are so many different passions, but in Instagram brands can take advantage of it, “says the American.

According to the specialist, 80% of Instagram accounts follow one or several businesses through this social network, which is why it has become a must for large businesses and, above all, for small business owners have an opportunity to show your products to a large audience.

These are some of the reasons that give Instagram value as a channel to expand business opportunities and, similarly, tips are listed to properly manage a company account.

  1. Communicate visually: The world is relegating written communication and bet more and more on visual channels, warns Buckenr Rose. “Instead of sharing words and text, people disseminate images; to talk on the phone, people choose Facetime or video calls. It’s a biological issue: images make more sense than words and mobile apps like Instagram have leveraged this aspect of communication. “
  2. Get closer to your consumers: An example of this point is the Stories, which reflect ephemeral aspects of day to day and last 24 hours on the platform. These tools represent a more intimate experience with the user, who follows the content from the cell phone. “There is nothing more intimate than reaching the user to the privacy of his cell phone and tell him an event or an experience,” says the board.
  3. Take advantage of the algorithm: Business accounts on Instagram receive more views from people who do not follow them than from accounts they are familiar with. “Two thirds of the people who are going to review your company profile will not be followers, and this is a wonderful opportunity for businesses that want to extend their reach and have more clients, ” says Buckenr Rose.
  4. Increase interactions: The board recalled that, during 2017, Instagram business accounts totaled 180 million interactions. “From calls, emails, direct messages and approaches that go beyond a like”.
  5. Your new shopping platform: Buckenr Rose said that in the coming months, Instagram will test its shopping tool in the Latin American sector, which will represent, potentially, or not the largest e-commerce in the world. Thus, brands that are not yet on the platform should open a long path in the recognition and acceptance within the network to reach a successful shopping. It’s a good time to start walking.
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