Feng Shui – 4 Key Elements to a Successful Life

There are many complex thoughts expressed in the ancient art of Feng Shui but there are 4 keys to what the Chinese say you need for success.

  1. Knowledge. This is hardly surprising as the Chinese are well known for their belief in studying hard to get a good job in a highly competitive environment. In Singapore the high percentage of your students who wear corrective glasses is attributed to the amount of time students spend studying.
  2. Feng Shui the art and science of energy flow within humans and their environments
  3. Fate the belief in some preordained outcome for our lives.
  4. Good fortune. The belief in some external factor which can serve to bring luck into our lives.

It seems like a combination of beliefs which at somewhat at odds. I guess all cultures have similar discordant beliefs that somehow blend together to help us explain our lives.

FengShui does tie the other 3 elements together. To understand energy flows we need the knowledge and study of the ancient beliefs.

Good fortune it is said in Feng shui texts is bestowed upon us when we provide that same fortune in the lives of others.

We do not have to be resigned to our fate if we apply the principals of fengshui in our homes and offices. It’s a bit like changing the DNA of our future generations through good dietary habits now.

Success in China Hong Kong and Singapore is not just about hard work. Nothing is left to chance. Fengshui is used to ward off the bad omens and flow good energy into their lives. A great deal of superstition is involved and at times clouds the real principals of feng shui.

Just as in the west urban myths tend to filter our beliefs and behaviour. There are also fengshui birds that bring good luck urban myths. This is brought about by the modern tendency of picking bits and pieces of ideas and idealologies and blending them into our lives in an individual way that suits our belief systems.

Much of this ancient art is symbolic, but who can separate the myth from the reality. And who in China would take the risk of dismissing the possibility that the way energy flows can impact on your wellness and prosperity.

Such beliefs are not just isolated to those of Chinese origins. In India the art of Vastu links astrology, knowledge fortune, architecture and energy flow.

Both of these cultures place great store in the proper movement of energy within our bodies and within or homes and offices. Yoga and Qigong share many common principals and when properly applied will improve your health.

Whether you believe in this universal energy or not it is hard to deny that certain places and people have either a positive or negative on us.

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