Wheelchair Ladder Platform

The Salvaescalera Platform is undoubtedly one of the main alternatives to provide accessibility to buildings, premises and single-family homes without the need for construction works. The stair- climbing platform is an accessibility solution aimed mainly at people traveling in wheelchairs, people with Reduced mobility or elderly people who find it difficult to go up and down stairs.


The stair lift platform is ideal to save all kinds of stairs, from a straight section, such as the entrance to a local with a few steps or the stairs of a detached house to access the upper floor or even save several floors in a residential building.


It is important to keep in mind that this type of stair lift requires a minimum size of stair width to be installed, which will be approximately one meter for straight sections and one meter ten centimeters for sections with a curve. This measure may vary depending on the manufacturer.


The stair lift platform is a very versatile element, it can be installed both inside and outside buildings, it does not require civil works for its installation and they are safe and reliable.


The stair lift platform consists mainly of a platform which moves through a guidance system following the path of the staircase, the guidance can be composed of one or two rails fixed directly to the wall or the steps themselves. On the platform we have control commands with permanent pulsation that, together with those located in each of the elevator stops, allow the operation of the stair lift platform.


Although they are stairlifts of a certain size, after their use it is possible to fold them, thus leaving the maximum free passage on the stairs (MONTASCALE).


Platform stair lift, main features

As main characteristics of the stair lift platform we can indicate that, its speed is 0.1 m / sec ., Its standard load capacity is about 225 Kg ., Being able to expand up to 300 kg. (Approx.), That the maximum inclination of the staircase that can reach save is about 60 ยบ, (thus covering virtually all the stairs) and in terms of its dimensions, we have that they are manufactured with measures from 600 mm wide up to 800 mm., being its most usual lengths 1000 mm., or 1200 mm.


Depending on the type of ladder (if a straight section with curved or slope changes), the power of the platform will be different, being from about 550 W to about 1500 W . (Approx.)


It is important to note that the vast majority of platform staircases in the market are battery operated , which allows us to continue using it even when the power supply fails while the batteries have charge. They are charged using a 230 V power socket . (Standard in most homes and buildings)


As for the accesses to the platform of the stair lift, this is possible both frontal, posterior and lateral.


This type of platforms has a large number of options and extras , among which we can highlight; Fully automatic folding, folding seat on platform. (Facilitates the use of elderly or people with reduced mobility), lateral access, acoustic and optical signals.


Straight and curved stair lift platform price

The price of the stair lift platform varies greatly depending on the type of ladder that is necessary to save, on the other hand, there are some factors that will also be decisive when it comes to obtaining the final price of this type of stair lift.


  • Ladder and route of it . Regarding the type of staircase we have as a more economical option the straight section of stairs, if the ladder to save has curves or changes in slope as (intermediate landings, etc), the price of it will be increased. In the same way, the greater distance in meters of the platform saves the highest price.
  • Characteristics of the installation and the stair lift . In this section we would include for example if the stair lift will be located outdoors, side access, decorative elements, automatic folding (In some models it does not come standard), etc. All of them are increases to the base price of the stair-climbing platform.
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