Knowing how to invest is not an easy task and more if we talk about the real estate sector, where the capital that is at stake is high houston home buyers.

If you are one of those who believe that buying to lease or to make equity is a profitable business, because you are right, every period of time the property is valued which generates greater increase when selling or leasing a property.

Although it seems a simple business to do, in the background it has some factors that are determinant, that is why we turn to Clara Luz Vargas, investment consultant of Constructora Oikos, who gives us the following advice:


  1. Consider your investment capacity: the idea is not to get into debt, so analyze well the price of the property you plan to buy and if you can cancel it without affecting your finances.
  2. Analyze the alternatives that exist: for example, currently there are 18 thousand homes available in Bogotá and 17 thousand in La Sabana.
  3. Do not just get carried away by the price: analyze aspects such as those mentioned below: location of the property, stratum, conditions of the property, security of the area, urban projects, among other aspects.
  4. Risk and profitability: making a wrong investment can lead to losing money, so, seek expert advice.
  5. Payment capacity: if you are going to cancel the property through a credit note that it is a responsibility for a long time and this implies having a healthy finances.
  6. Company’s trajectory: this will give you an air of tranquility and will make your investment secure.


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