If you are entering the world of real estate investments for the first time, and want to achieve good results, this article will help you to do so houston home buyers.


  1. Analyze the market. Before buying or lending money to a developer, you have to look for market indicators. It may happen that rents have gone up in the last five years, but you have to know how much potential there is. If the rents are high, but there are very few commercial premises, offices or empty houses, it is a sign that you can still grow.
  2. Diversify. It is important not to invest everything in the same market. For example: not concentrate in San Salvador, but also look at Santa Ana or San Miguel. For someone who invests in real estate, diversification can occur by buying more cheaply housing and then renting it, instead of just one.


  1. Analyze the good. One can realize the state of the good at a glance, but it is worth seeking the advice of a civil engineer, because there are some things that can escape in a first inspection.


  1. Make sure the papers are in order. Make sure that the property to be purchased is in order, without fines or taxes pending payment, among others. Seek the support of a lawyer or a notary for the transaction.


  1. In condominium companies, make sure it is clear who owns it. That the condominium regime be constituted.


  1. Have the property titles. Make sure title deeds are in order, as well as land use licenses and other important legal details.


  1. In case the property is for leasing, make sure there are guarantees and that the guarantee is honorable. There are those who resort to bonds, but these are difficult to execute.


  1. If you are going to rent, look for all the references you can of the tenant.


  1. Get the plans of the property. Verify that the plans specify the property boundaries in the scriptures.


  1. When you invest in something that is under construction. See that the construction company has bonds, so that they guarantee that the work is finished. It also obtains the copy of the construction license and the wastewater discharge permits.


  1. Investigate in detail. Make sure that the area where you are buying is in demand. If you want to resell the property later, it is important to be sure that you are in an area searched by buyers. The accesses and the type of neighborhood are key.


  1. Do not let others change your opinion. Trust yourself; sometimes the same experts can be wrong. Take advice from different experts on the subject, and then obtain a neutral opinion taking into account factors such as:
  • What type of property are you looking for
  • What is the best location?
  • What types of tenant you look for


  1. Compare, compare. Whether for a later sale or for rent, it is essential to have data to be able to compare.


  1. Have the money ready. If you have the resources ready to be disbursed before you start looking, you will be able to search and analyze the different opportunities with more confidence.


  1. Hire the right professionals. It is a fundamental element to achieve the success of the proposal.


Investment in real estate has historically been more profitable than stocks; the truth is that it is a type of investment that requires more capital in most of its forms, or intelligent borrowing in other cases.