The Increase in The Use And Popularity of Instagram

More and more people are using Instagram worldwide. Since its inception in 2010, the platform that shares photos, images, and short videos has surpassed the 600 million active users in 2016. Of all users who have an active account on the medium, two-thirds register each day. Because the mobile application has more features than the desktop version, the majority of the service is delivered through mobile devices. Furthermore, Instagram is popular with young people: about 40% of users are under 24 years old. In addition to private users, 65% of the world’s most important companies are represented by their own account. In 2017 this share will rise to more than 70%. Most popular are fashion and luxury brands,

The interactivity of the growing platform Instagram

Instagram is by far the most interactive of all popular social networks. In recent years there have been more than 50 interactions each time, such as comments per post or upload per 1,000 followers. For comparison, Facebook, the number two on the list of most interactive social networks, has not even reached 10 interactions under the same conditions. The number of daily uploads and distributed likes is also extremely high. Currently, 95 million photos (and videos) are uploaded daily by users of the platform. Likes are awarded 4.2 billion times a day. Below is a recent list taken from It shows some European countries and the number of active users in each of them:

1. Italy – 11.5 million
2. Germany – 11 million
3. Spain – 9.4 million
4. France – 6.3 million
5. Netherlands – 4.6 million
6. Portugal – 2.4 million

The need for a strong Instagram account and tips to improve your account

Since Instagram is a visual medium, the marketing person on this platform is very high. Companies have noticed this and are increasingly focusing on buy instagram followers to connect with their customers and followers. The interaction and participation rates on this platform are simply higher compared to other social media, bringing the vendor and consumer even more together in the online environment. Images are fast and easy to interpret, and they tend to be shared or commented on as textual content. Research has shown that it is more likely to identify with a brand through a visual appearance and therefore more likely to become part of a fanbase of a brand or, in the terms of Instagram, to follow a page. This richer customer experience has many benefits for individuals, companies, or organizations striving to grow on Instagram to reach an even larger audience. Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of this unprecedented presence from people around the world on social media like Instagram.

1. Maintain a constant flow of content

Since Instagram is first and foremost a platform for sharing photos, it is essential that you provide new material to your followers. If you regularly update your profile with photos and videos, your customers will continue to be interested in your offer.

    1.   Show your brand, your products and your story
  1.   Be diversified in terms of your content

2. Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags (#) make your photos and profile more discoverable. For every photo you upload, combine general, sometimes popular hashtags with special hashtags from your company. Be careful not to use too many hashtags, because it can look sloppy or desperate.

3. Find the contact with your followers

Contact and conversation with your followers is important in order to better understand your customer and increase their familiarity with your person or organization. Instagram has many ways to contact your followers, some of which we’ll illustrate below.

    1.   Shoutouts and mentions
    1.   Likes and comments
  1.   Reply to comments

4. If possible, connect your Instagram account to other platforms

If you are active in various social media, be aware and connect these accounts as much as possible. For example, you could easily share your Instagram photos on your Facebook account. So you are easy to find for the largest possible audience and your content is noticeable to anyone interested. If you are not already active on other platforms, then we strongly recommend considering this if the platform could support your work positively.

5. Try to reach as many people as possible

Everything above works only when people really see and consume your content. Your impact on buy real instagram followers is expressed as the number of followers. The more followers your profile has, the more people will see your uploads and become potential customers. The steady increase in followers can be a long and tedious process, especially if you start small. We could help you gain an audience to offer your product or service while you continue to grow your account.

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