INTERNATIONAL EASTER YOUTH CAMP – 29th March – 5th April Event With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The International Easter Youth Camp, which is starting on the 29th of March until the 5th of April held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The International Easter Youth Camp is an event that is quite exhilarating and an experience so life changing for a young life that it becomes the catalyst that projects them into God’s purpose for their life and His glory. This 8-day event is held every year and joins together young people from ages of 13 – 21 from all over the world. The International Easter Youth Camp is created and supported by the President of the IEYC, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is the President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and of Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris is not only a pastor, but a teacher, healing minister, television host and best-selling author holding events of healing and teaching all over the world.


The International Easter Youth Camp holds highly engaging activities for a young Christian from starting the day with Pastor Chris as he and the campers do one hour of physical exercise. Then the day is fulfilled with prayer and Holy Spirit anointed meetings ministering to agents who may have health issues and Pastor Chris will impart the anointing of the Holy Spirit to those who are attending the IEYC, especially those who are attending for the first time. Sometimes in these meetings, a prophetic utterance from the Holy Spirit will come forth and create an atmosphere that is completely life altering for the youths attending the event.


There is also prayer, praising and worshiping the Lord for 15 minutes at 12noon (Local/GMT) where the youths gather to show gratefulness to the Lord for how gracious He has been to us and our loved ones and then thanking Him for our ministry, the materials and programs, outreaches, churches, partnership organizations that have saved thousands around the world. Then again at for 15 minutes at 10pm, we pray that we may live a quiet and unbroken life that is a peace-loving one in all godliness that is always showing Him reverence and seriousness in every way.


Another part of the event is an evening plenary session with Pastor Chris where there is spirit filled performances by some of the youths and then usually a brief review of a book by Pastor Chris. Usually at the end of this section, each person will receive a free copy of the book, courtesy of Pastor Chris while he will respond to various questions asked by the attending youths.


If a youth is interested in going to this year’s IEYC, just visit the website for The International Easter Youth Camp at the following link, where there will be a place to register for the event as well as for the Global Youth Leaders Academy. If you click on the Global Youth Leaders Academy picture at the bottom of the website page, you will find a box and if you click on it, it will bring you to the registration page for The International Easter Youth Camp as well. You can also register by sending an email to or by registering on our website on their registration form at this link

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