5 tips to take care of your feet when you have Diabetes

When you have high blood sugar levels the layer that covers the nerves or blood vessels can be damaged which causes signals to be sent slowly, at wrong times or even stop sending them leading to diabetic neuropathy. People who live with Diabetes have their feet affected, because they have circulation problems and lose sensitivity in the extremities, so if they hit or bury something, they do not realize it, leaving the wound untreated and causing more injuries. Keep reading the article and take note of the 5 tips to take care of your feet when you have Diabetes and avoid complications.


5 tips to take care of your feet when you have Diabetes


  1. Visit to a Podiatrist


The cutting of the nails depends on each person, on the activity that they perform and on the anatomy of the nails. Therefore, visiting a Podiatrist is a good option for you to explain how to cut them. Subsequent consultations will depend on the growth of your nails.


  1. Analyze your progress


It is important to observe how you walk and if you are supporting your feet well, that way you know if the points of support are correct or if you have alterations at the time of walking. In case of presenting any anomaly, it is necessary to use templates to avoid that the rubbing causes calluses.


  1. Use the correct accessories


Use the socks all the time and change them every day to prevent moisture from promoting fungal growth. In addition, acquire shoes without seams and wide soles in case you step on a sharp object, do not reach the foot. The material of the footwear must be soft and without elastic bands that can mark the skin. Avoid using heels or use no more than 3 centimeters.


  1. Protect your footwear


To take care of your shoes it is advisable to use a footwear disinfectant; you can also leave them in the sun, you just have to remove the tongue, the template and the laces and expose them to sunlight. With that you will prevent the bacteria from remaining in the footwear (unha encravada com pus tratamento caseiro).


  1. Perform a cleaning routine


Blow your feet every day; after cleaning, dry them perfectly, paying attention between the fingers to avoid lacerations. In addition, apply moisturizing cream to hydrate especially the heels, as they are the area that dries the most.