4 tips to get started in sadomasochism

Every July 24, International BDSM Day is celebrated (whose acronym corresponds to Bondage-Discipline, Domination-Submission, Sado-Masochism ), an erotica that in recent years has been growing in number of followers Femdom mistress seattle. If you are interested in getting started, LELO, the erotic toy brand, has revealed the 4 keys to taking the first steps into this world and enjoying the pleasure it offers.

“The success of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ trilogy has triggered society’s interest in learning about the BDSM world and the sexual practices it encompasses. This effect is very positive as it encourages people to try new experiences and learn about alternative ways of obtaining pleasure. However, and especially if you are a first-timer, it is crucial to know the basic fundamentals of this type of practice to fully enjoy them,” explains Alberto Gooding, from LELO Spain.

  1. Above all, caution and consensus : this group of practices focus on obtaining pleasure through submission-domination , restriction of movement and/or pain, but it does not mean that anything goes. BDSM is a practice of intensity and limits that can offer an unparalleled climax, but it can also give you a hard time if you don’t know how to manage it in a healthy, safe, consensual and progressive way . For this reason, the first step is to define and agree on the practices that you want to carry out and how far you want to go.
  2. Be careful with restraints : restriction of movement, if practicing bondage, is one of the basic principles of BDSM. In this sense, four basic rules are recommended so that bondage games are as pleasant as possible and do not pose a health risk: never tie a person tightly enough to make any part of the body fall asleep, never leave someone alone . tied person , do not try choking games or tie beyond the torso (such as the neck and/or face) and, in case of emergency, always have scissors on hand to immediately cut the ropes (do not try to undo the knots, it could take too long), they are really dangerous and require a lot of experience to do correctly.
  3. Play with the senses : sensory deprivation (blindfolding, covering the mouth, etc.) is without a doubt one of the most effective tactics to increase desire , adrenaline levels and, therefore, arousal. For example, we can cover our partner’s eyes with a mask so that he can sharpen the rest of his senses while, for example, you whisper something in his ear or caress his skin with a down jacket.
  4. Punish, but without hurting : in BDSM sex sessions, role plays are very common, and more specifically those based on “punishments”. Spanking and whipping are part of this practice, but it is very important to do it correctly, knowing the areas of the body in which it can be carried out and the intensity with which it can be done. For this reason, it is recommended to start with spankings on the buttocks and gradually increase the intensity, and then move on to using spankers or whips (always to be used on the buttocks, never on the back). Punishment should not consist of hurting another person, so we must not let passion make us exceed the force we use when applying it.

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