5 tips to remodel a small kitchen without spending too much

Don’t despair, there are many ways to know how to take advantage of your kitchen space and get the most out of it. To help you in this mission, Arturo Violante, leader of the Architecture and Design team at f lat.mx , shares five easy tips for remodeling a small kitchen and knowing how to distribute it so that it is functional, practical, comfortable and clear, and looks incredible bathroom remodel Waukesha.

5 tips for remodeling a small kitchen

    Arturo says to start, you have to arrange the furniture and although it will depend a lot on the formality of the space, it is best to place them in a line, in a U or in parallel and cover everything. From floor to ceiling.
    So that you don’t feel confined, a great tip for remodeling your small kitchen is to eliminate the wall that separates it from the next room, whether it is the one that divides the dining room or the living room. This will give you a feeling of greater spaciousness, it will have more light and it is more difficult for odors to accumulate.
    There is no loss, white will always make you gain visual space and lighting, although if you want color you can add color details in the accessories. If white is not your hit, try light colors. If you want to give a different and original touch to the kitchen, you can complement the decoration with tiles, photos or illustrations that give a feeling of depth and openness to the space, as if it were a window.
    Place the furniture so that you take advantage of the height of the walls so that you have more storage places. Another easy tip is that you can replace tall furniture with shelves, which are visually lighter. On the shelves you can hang utensils, cups, jars with spices, pasta, legumes, etc.
    Another easy tip for remodeling your small kitchen is to remove the door. Arturo tells us that this will give the impression that your kitchen is larger, but if you are a fan of the door, you can gain space if you change the conventional kitchen door for a folding or sliding one.

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