End aggressive behavior in puppies

Don’t let your friendly puppy turn into an aggressive dog

Many people think that dogs bite ‘just because’. But the truth is that dogs do not become aggressive if they do not have a good reason to do so, and most do it because they feel stressed Best dog training Houston. Hence the reason why the best way to prevent your puppy from becoming an aggressive dog as an adult is to help him avoid or tolerate stressful situations. You also have to learn to recognize signs of terror such as when he is pushed into a corner or feels imprisoned by the leash.

Fear is the common denominator
It is not necessary for a dog to have had a bad experience for it to become fearful. In fact, it is the dogs that have had the least opportunities to socialize that become the most fearful. So socialization is very important (for tips on socialization click here). If your puppy gets used to seeing people, both adults and children, as ‘providers’ of fun, cuddles and treats, he will not have to exhibit threatening behaviors.

To help your puppy overcome his fears, you should expose him to noises and situations as ‘terrifying’ for him as vacuuming, traffic or the postman. Make them understand that they are part of everyday life.

Your puppy and the rest of the people

People, whether friends, relatives or strangers, are very different from each other: different ages, different looks, different sizes, which can be very confusing for your pup. Therefore, make sure that from a very young age he comes into contact with as many people as possible. This way, strangers will seem less strange to him and he will learn to calm down and be more trusting. Just don’t let his new friends overwhelm him with his displays of affection.

It is also important to get used to children. Few children can resist the temptation of playing with a puppy, and even if they don’t mean to hurt him, they can scare him. It is a good idea to walk with him near a school; Before you know it, the children will come up to pet him. But you should keep in mind that puppies get tired quickly, so it is best to keep their encounters with people brief so that your puppy has time to rest.

Don’t let him play with biting… hands
Before you took him away, your puppy was used to playing with his brothers and sisters… biting each other. So when he gets to your house he will want to play bite you. To get him not to bite you, you will have to direct his attention towards his toys.

You should know that when you spend time with your puppy, petting him or petting him, he will want to bite your hand. It is best to always have one of his toys on hand. Make it difficult for him to bite your hand by making a fist and offer him a toy in return, waving it around the puppy. It won’t take long to realize that the toys are much more fun than the ‘giant fist’.

Your puppy only learns what you teach him
You must keep in mind that everything you teach your puppy will become normal for him when he grows up. So when you play with him, imagine him as an adult and judge if you like what he does or not. If he starts growling, or tries to bite the hand holding the toy, or harasses a toddler during play, stop dead and leave with the toy. He will soon learn why the fun is over and will not repeat the action that caused the game to end.

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