How to organize your emails in

When you receive tons of emails to your inbox, you must know the strategies and tips to keep it tidy and ready to work, because few things are likely to reduce the productivity as an inbox cluttered with old un-readed emails. In you can find a few tools that can help you organize your email, even before they arrive. Check out these tips and learn how to organize your emails in

Instant Actions: just pass the cursor over an email, then you’ll see  three highlights icons next to the title of the message. With these icons you can delete, mark as read and mark with a flag without opening any email. You can also add more instant actions icons in the setup menu, so you can mark as junk or move  mails to a specific folder with a single click.

If you hover your mouse cursor over the sender’s name, a menu is open that lets you send an email, find all emails you sent, move or delete all emails from that sender, in addition to schedule a cleaning for emails that can receive from this sender; which is particularly useful for mails that you may receive from subscription lists, magazines and newsletters, letting you to schedule a delete  after a time, avoiding the accumulation in your inbox.

Folders and Quick Views: Selecting one or more mails, by checking in the left box, you can use the Quick View menu and folders at the top, where you will see a bunch of options and menus to move emails to folders, schedule cleanups, Sweeps, mark them as junk mail or phishing scam or sort by category.

Similarly, you can create rules in that discriminate according to sender’s name or address, the “To” or “CC” field, the Subject field, or Whether the message has attachments. Thus, you can schedule these emails are sent to a folder, marked as read, deleted or added to any category.

Junk Mail: If it is true that most email services have the ability to mark certain messages as junk mail, in you can mark mails as junk , phishing scam and even alerting Microsoft  if you think your friend’s account has been hacked and is being used for fraudulent purposes.