When we start designing t-shirts, or to think what kind of original and exclusive personalized t-shirts we want to make, we are given a lot of ideas but sometimes such an idea overwhelms us and we do not know where to start.

If something vector, if something own but of course you’re not a draftsman or designer, if something more retro, if something more hipster, if something more modern etc.

So in today’s post, we have decided to offer you 5 tips to make custom-made ORIGINAL CHULAS and exclusive, totally personalized t shirt collection.


1- Hipster Logo Generator: What do you want a Hipster roll shirt? This is your site We love. Here you can design in a very simple way 100% unique and exclusive personalized t-shirts. It will depend on you good taste in doing it. As a tip, if you are going to create your clothing line or have a brand, download the PNG in high quality and then send us the file for printing on the shirt. Try it for free, and they really look cool. We already made a run in the online store and have had a very good acceptance -> T-shirts Hipster Madrid <-


2 –   Freepik : A whole world of vectors and illustrations at your disposal. The best that is free. The worst thing you have to know is some graphic design to move files from Illustrator to Photoshop and so on. However a little bit that you stick with these designs you can do very original things. We use it a lot, never one only, but a mixture of several. So we can make shirts with a lot of roll and totally unique


3 – Photographs and files free of license. On the internet and on google you can find everything. The digital printing is perfect to make original cool shirts with high quality photographs. The result is brutal. Fundamental that is free of rights. But the same thing you have a photographer friend who have always liked your photos and the same you can use one. There, if you would have a totally unique T-shirt and on top of it you publish your friend. Also, there are retro signage websites, for example, that are perfectly usable because they are for free use. In Freepik , however, there are also free-use photographs.


4 – Texts – Search for a good typography, roll 70s, handmade roll, horror roll, whatever you want, and design with just a few photoshop concepts a phrase, a logo or the title of your favorite song to print on the shirt. In Dafonts you can get bored of seeing sources and sources.