Why Photo Booths Over Film or Digital Cameras?

Long before photo booths came into existence, the only way to keep memories of a great wedding, a grand birthday celebration or a corporate event was to take photographs and videos using cameras. Weddings and birthdays bring in an overwhelmingly big crowd and everyone may want to be photographed and participate in the fun and frolic that ensue in celebrations like these. Traditionally event managers and families used more than one photographer to capture the intricate moments using film cameras, and later digital cameras. It is also customary to make videos during celebrations to make the occasion more memorable.

The problem with traditional film cameras is that films have to be processed in a laboratory and then printouts made. Though photos taken in digital cameras don’t need processing, they still require to be taken to a studio for printing them on photographic papers after a makeover in a computer. That means there is always a time lag between the moment snaps are taken and the photos are delivered. Guests usually waited until couple days before they received copies of their photos by mail.Photo Booth

Digital and film camera shots are taken in the open, meaning that the lighting may not be adequate or appropriate, often making the quality of print outs less than desirable. Photo booths can solve this and other shortcomings to a great extent – your guests get instant printouts, quality is great, you get a digital copy of the photos on a CD, you save on mailing expenses and more. They are therefore preferred over cameras in events these days. In fact it has become indispensable where lots of photos need to taken.

Photo booths are expensive equipment and therefore are not usually owned by people who have use for it. It is usual to ask a hire to provide it at events. Hires will charge you for the duration they are ordered; usually on hourly basis. Typically, users hire booths for 3 hours minimum, but, depending on the occasion your requirement may go up. Hires will also insist on your hiring for a minimum duration to meet incidental expenses like transporting, fixing and paying for the attendant.

It comes in different sizes and configurations. Features may vary from booth to booth. Your choice will depend primarily on its size – principally they should be capable of being transported in an elevator at the place of celebration if it is a condominium. You should also ensure that the door to the venue is big enough to move it through.

There are basically two types to choose – open and enclosed. Open booths make the celebrations more participate for everyone and is generally a great wedding photo booth as against an enclosure type booth. The advantage is guests can walk in and out comfortably. The other advantage is it can accommodate more people at a time – even up to 8. Enclosed type is appropriate for capturing intimate moments. Normally hires include pros, and a person to attend. So you don’t pay for them separately.

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